In this economy, you have a better chance of success when you work with experienced and successful people. In the hotel brokerage business, Nugent Hotel Brokers (NHB) can provide you the edge you need. Here’s why:

1. Experience.

We have 40 years in all aspects of the hotel industry. That experience is reflected in the number of hotels we’ve sold. In fact, since NHB president Bill Nugent became a hotel broker he’s personally sold over 150 hotels. Imagine how Nugent Hotel Brokers can help you.

2. No Conflicts.

Equally important is what NHB doesn’t do. Unlike many of NHB’s hotel broker competitors, we have no current hotel ownership, nor is there intended to be; no management of properties for others, or structuring of partnerships or joint ventures; no receivership, nor is there lodging consulting work sought.

3. Financing Expertise.

Most potential buyers can’t buy if they can’t get financing. Unlike other hotel brokers, Bill Nugent has commercial non-recourse lending experience. So not only does he have referral sources in the industry, he understands what kind of financing is available to make a deal work.

4. Regional Specialist.

NHB focuses on three states: Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. We have numerous property listings because hotel owners seek us out when they’re ready to sell. As a buyer, you’re provided comprehensive up-front data to evaluate the offering and we recommend lending sources so you can get the transaction closed.